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Our Lives Depend on Safe Water



diarrhea deaths are caused by a lack of access to safe water and basic hygiene annually.



of diarrheal diseases are due to a lack of safe water and basic hygiene.

In Ethiopia, only


of households have access to safe water in their own homes.

Minch Makes Your Water…


99.9% Removal of Bacteria.
99.9% Removal of Pathogens.
99% Removal of Viruses.


Save money by avoiding the need for bottled water.


Purifies up to 15’000 Litres.
Flow rate of 2-3 Litres/hour.
Durable Design.

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We Care About…

Your Health.

Preventing Water-borne Diseases with our Certified Technology

The Environment.

Preventing the Need for Bottled Water, Chemicals, and Power Supply

Our Team.

Creating Job Opportunities for Men and Women with Hearing Impairment and other Challenges to Gaining Work in Ethiopia.

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Desert Rose Consultancy PLC establishes as an Ethiopia-based, social enterprise.
The 1st generation filter technology is developed for NGO partner needs, drawing from many years of consultancy experience in the ethiopian WASH sector.
The 2nd generation filter technology is developed for market needs. Desert Rose registers a manufacturing license for MINCH in Ethiopia.
Desert Rose signs a MoU with the Ethiopian Ministry of Technology for promotion and research.
Desert Rose obtains laboratory results from the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise proving E.coli removal of over 99.9%.
The Canadian Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies conduct field trials comparing acceptance & performance of imported and local filters in rural communities. All MINCH filters remove > 99% of E.coli for over one year and prove high acceptance among rural communities.
The 3rd generation of the filter technology is tested, potentially addressing the Fluorosis challenge in the Rift Valley. Tests are successful but practicability and price don't allow mass production.
Chosen from 700 applicants, "Innovations Against Poverty" business accelerator awards Desert Rose a grant to develop its inclusive business model.
The first batch of 100 filters is delivered to the Somali Region in cooperation with Oxfam Intermon.
Another 400 filters are distributed. MINCH is teaming up with NGOs to reach more rural communities.
MINCH partners with the WET-Center of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) to pilot a rural distribution channel in cooperation with Self-Help Groups.
MINCH and EKHC train over 100 Self-Help Group members to become sales agents.
MINCH partners with a local NGO to provide WASH trainings to rural communities in Ethiopia's Borena Region and supplies water filters to women saving groups.
MINCH partners with an international NGO to deliver filters to schools in Ethiopias Somali region.
MINCH applies for international certification of its locally developed, Ethiopian water filtration device.
MINCH invests into redesigning the product in order to scale production.
Due to COVID-19 and its effects on enterprises, MINCH temporarily pauses all activities.
MINCH relaunches with new investment support.
Minch is granted international certification for the removal of more than 99.9% of E.coli bacteria and pathogenes from contaminated water. The removal capacity of viruses is being tested and confirmed at an average of 99%.
MINCH water filter is now produced under a newly established PLC - Spring Household Manufacturing.
Spring Household Manufacturing PLC moves into a new production facility in Addis Ababa.

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